Vitamins to Increase Female Sex Drive

Vitamins to Increase Female Sex Drive

Vitamins play a crucial role in not just your well being but also in maintaining your sex drive or libido.

Following are some vitamins that play a pivotal role in helping you have better and more fulfilling sex:


Vitamin A is essential for normal reproduction, and a deficiency of Vitamin A has been shown to cause atrophy of the testicles and ovaries in male and female rats, leading to sterilization.). A deficiency in vitamin A is also thought to result in a decreased production of sex hormones as well as dry, scaly skin (it is needed for soft and beautiful skin

Vitamin B-1 is essential to energy production and the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins and fats, so a deficiency of vitamin B-1 can lead to decreased energy and reduced sex drive. More symptoms of deficiency include fatigue, decreased alertness, constipation and heart symptoms (like rapid heartbeat).

Deficiency of vitamin B-3, also called niacin, can lead to skin eruptions, bowel problems and even mental problems. Your sex life is impacted by the presence of vitamin B-3 because it increases blood flow to the extremities, including the brain. Problems with the nerve and digestive systems caused by vitamin B-3 deficiency can negatively affect your sex life.

Vitamin C
influences a better sex life with its role in the absorption of iron, the formation of blood cells and the metabolism of the adrenal gland, all processes that affect your sex life. Iron helps oxygenation of the tissues for energy production, while blood carries oxygen, hormones and nutrients to the organs, glands and tissues. The adrenal gland produces lots of hormones that influence your sex life, including a hormone that helps to stimulate orgasm. In addition, vitamin C also strengthens your immune system, protects against stress and helps keep your joints limber and active.

Several other vitamins, including vitamin D, vitamin E and folic acid, have direct and indirect effects on a better sex life and good health in general.

Botanicals and Herbs for Better Sex

Many people do not know that certain blends of botanicals and herbs have been used for centuries to enhance virility and have a better sex life. Here are 6 common botanicals and herbs used to treat many female symptoms associated with having better sex, energy and increased blood flow. For the sake of this article, I am only including the benefits of each ingredient.

Kuuz is an isoflavones and has been used for centuries to treat menopause in women.

Rhodiola is an energizing herb helps increase general blood flow in all organs, increases libido in women, and helps regulate hormones.

Damiana is also used to increase blood flow and libido.

Muca is used to increase blood flow and libido.

Panax Ginseng is an Adaptogen, provides estrogen boost and relieves fatigue.

DHEA, which acts as a natural precursor to the sex hormones, estrogen and progesterone declines with age. Adding DHEA provides benefits during menopause, almost eliminating most systems.

Where can you find all the vitamin, minerals, botanicals and herbs for a better sex life?

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